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Reshaping Data in R

A guest post, contributed by Cathy Yeh.

Can you format some data in Excel for me?

sad tapir
Tapirs love formatting Excel spreadsheets

If you’re as excited as this tapir about the prospect of formatting data in Excel, read on!

Today, we’ll talk about reshaping data in R. At the same time, we’ll see how for-loops can be avoided by using R functionals (functions of functions). Functionals are faster than for-loops and make code easier to read by clearly laying out the intent of a loop.

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Processing and processing.js tips and tricks in WordPress

We recently developed our NBA dashboard in the programming language Processing. In addition, we have Processing apps in our post on classification without negative examples as well as our weekly NBA predictions. Here, we will briefly describe (and recommend) Processing and discuss some tips and tricks we have discovered in developing and deploying our above-mentioned apps to our WordPress blog. (more…)

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