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NBA learner: 2013-14 warmup

We’ve spent the last couple of evenings training some preliminary algorithms on the NBA 2013-14, regular season data, which we grabbed from  Each of the 30 NBA teams play 82 times a season, summing to 1230 games total — a sizable number that we can comfortably attempt to model.  Here, we cover our first pass at the prediction problem, what we’ve learned so far, and challenges we’re looking forward to tackling soon. (more…)

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Data reduction by PCA


Here, we characterize the data compression benefits of projection onto a subset of the eigenvectors of our traffic system’s covariance matrix.  We address this compression from two different perspectives:  First, we consider the partial traces of the covariance matrix, and second we present visual comparisons of the actual vs. projected traffic plots. (more…)

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