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Start deep learning with Jupyter notebooks in the cloud

Want a quick and easy way to play around with deep learning libraries? Puny GPU got you down? Thanks to Amazon Web Services (AWS) — specifically, AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) — no data scientist need be left behind.

Jupyter/IPython notebooks are indispensable tools for learning and tinkering. This post shows how to set up a public Jupyter notebook server in EC2 and then access it remotely through your web browser, just as you would if you were using a notebook launched from your own laptop.

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A review of the online course “Introduction to Big Data with Apache Spark”

This is a review of Introduction to Big Data with Apache Spark (CS100.1x), the first in a two-part series introducing the big data processing engine, Spark.

The one month-long MOOC was offered on edX for the first time in June 2015, and its sequel, Scalable Machine Learning (CS190.1x) is currently under way.

lecture screenshot
Still from a lecture in “Introduction to Big Data with Apache Spark”


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