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NBA week 14 summary, week 15 predictions

Our first ever 100% accuracy week! We will never beat this. Breakdown by point spread below, and new predictions are up.

In other news: This week, welcomes a new, official member to our team, Damien Ramunno-Johnson! He previously contributed two very interesting guest posts to the site, one on facial recognition software and one on the interpretation of wearable sensor data (eg, Jawbone’s up band). We aim to eventually bring site membership up to about four or five like-minded, yet complementary contributors, each interested in contributing about one machine-learning related post a month. We’re especially excited to welcome Damien on board — he’s an old pal, and also one with a keen eye for finding topics of general interest. In fact, we’re working on a joint post together right now that is both timely and interesting — stay tuned!

Details of our perfect week:

Point spread # games Accuracy
< 5 1 100%
5-9 0 NA
10-14 0 NA
>14 1 100%