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NBA week 11 summary, week 12 predictions

Again, reasonably good accuracy this past week — 36/54, or 66.6% overall. The breakdown by point spread is given below, and the new predictions are up.

We made a couple of changes to the dashboard this week. First, it has a new, cleaner look, thanks to Jaireh Tecarro, who kindly donated a redesign. Secondly, we discovered that our prior processing code implementation was inadvertently defaulting to a non-smooth rendering mode as a consequence of some coordinate transformations that we were making use of. This behavior was not explained in the general processing references, and so came as a surprise to us. We’ve reimplemented some of the drawing commands in order to avoid the problem, and we’ve documented it in our processing tips and tricks post.

Point spread # games Accuracy
< 5 11 45%
5-9 23 65%
10-14 18 78%
>14 18 72%

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